Demanding Equality not Austerity

Bread and Roses On Saturday 19th January Lib Dem Women will be marching with thousands of others to demand equality not austerity, will you be joining us? Join us on Saturday! The Women’s March for 2019 is named after the 1912 ‘Bread and Roses’ rally, which revolutionised workers rights for women...

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Brexit: its effect on women

Brexit: its effect on Women   Ever since the fateful result was announced the Lib Dems, NGOs, charities and thinktanks have been advising that some groups are going to come off disproportionately worse if we should leave the EU irrelevant of the deal struck.  It has now become increasingly clear ...

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Improvements to data collection

Collecting Data to make Society Safer As Lib Dems we are naturally cautious about the amount of data officials collect about us and how this data is used.  A recent publication by the European Institute for Gender Equality has highlighted that the paucity of data collection in some areas is leadi...

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97000 People per year

97000 People Per Year Throughout the 16 days of activism we are highlighting differant aspects of gender based violence across differant media hoping to raise issues with the largest possible audience.  Yesterday Lib dem Voice published the article 97,000 People per year.  The aim of the article...

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16 Days of Activism - an end to Gender Based Violence

16 Days of Activism Each year since 1991 the 25th November has marked the start of 16 days of worldwide activism to end gender based violence.  This year the theme is gender based violence at work - the revelations this year about how widespread sexual assault and un-wanted sexual advances are wi...

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Real Living Wage

Real’ Living Wage increases by 2.9% outside London For some of the lowest earners in the UK todays news brought about a much needed pay rise.  Whilst the Government set levels for minimum wage remain low the voluntary National living Wage organisation rates are now 10.55p per hour (in London) for...

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Liberal Democrat Women

"Liberal Democrat Women, holding firmly to the philosophy and objectives of the Liberal Democrats and to the vision of a fair, free and open society, oppose all entrenched forms of privilege and reject all prejudice and discrimination wherever it is found. In particular we are pledged to eliminate all inequality based upon gender."

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