LibDem Women's new Chairperson, Alice Thomas, congratulates LDW on its many victories in 2016 and anticipates a successful 2017. Click here to read more about LDW's successes and Alice's goals for 2017.

Welcome to 2017, and to what I’m sure will be a great year for Lib Dem Women.

2016 ended with some electoral fireworks – and not just Sarah Olney in Richmond Park. In the party’s federal elections, our former treasurer, Joyce Onstad and I were elected to the Federal Board along with Caron Lindsay from SLDW, and committee members Catherine Royce and Lizzie Jewkes were elected to the federal conference committee. Congratulations to all those elected – it’s wonderful to see more women on the federal committees, and I am sure that this will help us push for better and more effective diversity campaigning throughout the party.

The elections meant some upheaval for LDW as well. Liz Leffman was elected chair of the English Party for 2017, so at our AGM in November she announced she would be standing down as chair of LDW, and passing the mantle on to me. Joyce Onstad was selected as PPC for Hammersmith and stood down from her role as treasurer, in favour of Khloe Bailey. That means LDW will be on the hunt for a new committee members including a new vice-chair soon – so watch this space.

Speaking for myself, I’m so pleased and proud to be representing LDW as your new chair. If this week’s list of events and ways to get involved is anything to go by, this is going to be a cracking year. I look forward to sharing it with all of you,

Alice Thomas