16 Days of Activism - an end to Gender Based Violence

16 Days of Activism

Each year since 1991 the 25th November has marked the start of 16 days of worldwide activism to end gender based violence.  This year the theme is gender based violence at work - the revelations this year about how widespread sexual assault and un-wanted sexual advances are within politics and how legislation aids at times in legitimising rather than preventing domestic violence makes this years theme more relevant than ever.

From now until the 10th December (International Human rights day) we will be highlighting some of the issues, statististics and things that you can do to draw awareness so please keep checking in.

As orange is the official colour for raising awareness during this time you may see some of our blog posts in orange, this will also help you to pick off which ones relate to '16 day of activism'

In 2018 worldwide 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence, in the UK this statistic changes to 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men a total of roughly 2 million people per year. 

Over the coming weeks we are hoping to see a strengthening of our existing domestic violence legislation pass through parliament which will hopefully start to see real justice for people who have lived through such relationships.

To start off the 16 days here is a link to the UN report 'Pressing for progress: women's rights and gender equality in 2018'


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