97000 People per year

97000 People Per Year

Throughout the 16 days of activism we are highlighting differant aspects of gender based violence across differant media hoping to raise issues with the largest possible audience. 

Yesterday Lib dem Voice published the article 97,000 People per year.  The aim of the article is to personalize one of the 'most serious and damaging crimes in our society,’ in doing so giving a small insight into how this truly is a crime of power in every sense.

Much of the detail around these crimes remains shrouded in mystery as a sort of collective secret held by those who have gone through the system too terrifying to share. 


In the scope of a single article we cannot possibly do justice to the nearly 100,000 people each year who report rape or attempted rape to the police, let alone to many hundreds of thousand more who do not report it - but we can talk about it.

What is hoped is that this removes some of that mystery and opens up conversation.  It is there to share.

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