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"On this International Day of the Girl, let us recommit to supporting every girl to develop her skills, enter the workforce on equal terms and reach her full potential." — UN Secretary-General António Guterres


Each year since 2012 October the 11th has been a day where we look to empower girls whilst highlighting the unique challenges that they face.


This year day of the girl is concentrating at looking at the upskilling of girls as they enter the workforce and changing the thought processes of the global community to embrace difference and re-think traditional male orientated career pathways.

Worldwide unskilled, semi-skilled and informal low paid work is disproportionately carried out by girls and women, to close the levels of inequality and a bring about a secure future for the next generation tomorrows women need to be accessing work knowing their chances are the same as others.

Based on the latest Global Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum the United Kingdom currently ranks at number 20 out 144, whilst this is better than most it is below most of Europe, the Philippines, Nicaragua, South Africa, Namibia and Rwanda so in terms of economic gender equality there is a long way still to go.



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