Congratulations to our 2017 women candidates

We are proud of the strength and breadth of the 2017 Women Candidates list.

The number and quality of female prospective parliamentary candidates standing in 2017 are a testament in part to the concerted efforts within the party to the improve diversity of our approved and selected candidates. Mostly, however, it demonstrates the power and strength of liberal democratic women around the UK in coming forward to stand for the party and what they believe in. It signals great things still to come from this 2017 cohort, both for this election and for the party more generally.

The #LevelUpLibDems intiative is encouraging volunteers to make time to support target seats, but by providing the full list of female candidates we want to recognise their contribution which is also crucial. The liberal democrats offer the best opportunity for good government and fair society. Only by building our presence and activities up in seats across the board will we have the chance to offer that opportunity nationally to provide robust opposition and governance. Seat development is vital; it gives people a choice to vote with their liberal principles and it gives us a chance to work in seats to make them winnable. Every woman on this list is key in driving forward their seat not just up to the 8th of June, but to 2022 and beyond.

Congratulations to them all, and we look forward to working alongside you in the next weeks, months and years.

Flo Clucas, Alice Thomas, Candy Piercy, Julia Cambridge and Kat Bavage



Name Contact
 Aberconwy  Sarah Lesiter-Burgess  [email protected]
 Aberdeen North  Isobel Davidson  [email protected].uk
 Aberdeen South  Jenny Wilson  
 Altrincham and Sale West  Jane Brophy  [email protected]
 Amber Valley  Kate Smith  
 Arundel and South Downs  Shweta Kapadia  [email protected]
 Ashton  Carly Hicks  [email protected]
 Barking  Pauline Pearce [email protected]
 Barnsley East  Nicola Turner  
 Barrow and Furness  Loraine Birchall  [email protected]
 Basildon and Billericay  Antonia Harrison  [email protected]
 Bath  Wera Hobhouse  [email protected]
 Beckenham  Julie Ireland
 Berwick  Julie Porksen
 Berwickshire, Roxbrough & Selkirk  Caroline Burgess  [email protected]
 Bexleyheath and Crayford_  Simone Reynolds  [email protected]
 Birmingham Erdington  Ann Holtom  [email protected]
 Blackpool North  Susan Close
 Bolton West  Rebecca Forrest
 Brentwood and Ongar  Karen Chilvers  [email protected]
 Brighton Kemptown  Emily Tester  
 Bristol NW  Celia Downie  [email protected]
 Bury St Edmunds  Helen Korfanty
 Caerphilly  Kathryn David
 Calder Valley  Janet Battye  [email protected]
 Cardiff Central  Eluned Parrott
 Cardiff South  Emma Sands  
 Carms East & Dinefwr  Lesley Prosser  [email protected]
 Chelsea and Fulham  Louise Rowntree  [email protected]
 Chester  Elizabeth Jewkes  [email protected]
 Chingford and Woodford Green  Deborah Unger  
 Chippenham  Helen Belcher  [email protected]
 Chipping Barnet  Marisha Ray
 Christchurch and East Dorset  Lisa Northover
 Cities of London and Westminster  Bridget Fox  [email protected]
 City of Durham  Amanda Hopgood  [email protected]
 Copeland  Rebecca Hanson
 Croydon Central  Ghislaine Hickson
 Croydon South  Anna Jones
 Cynon  Nicola Knight  [email protected]
 Darlington  Anne-Marie Curry  [email protected]
 Denton and Reddish  Louise Ankers  [email protected]
 Derby North  Lucy Care  [email protected]
 Doncaster Central  Alison Brelsford  [email protected]
 Dulwich and West Norwood  Gail Kent  [email protected]
 Dumfires and Galloway  Joan Mitchell
 Dundee West  Jenny Blain  [email protected]
 Ealing North  Humaira Sanders  
 East Devon  Alison Watkins  
 East Dunbartonshire  Joanne Swinson  
 East Lothian  Elisabeth Wilson  
 East Renfrewshire  Aileen Morton  [email protected]
 Edinburgh South West  Aisha Mir
 Edinburgh West  Christine Jardine  [email protected]
 Enfield Southgate  Pippa Morgan
 Exeter  Vanessa Newcombe  [email protected]
 Feltham and Heston  Hina Malik  [email protected]
 Filton and Bradley Stoke  Eva Fielding  [email protected]
 Folkestone and Hythe  Lynne Beaumont  [email protected]
 Forest of Dean  Janet Ellard  [email protected]
 Gainsborough  Lesley Rollings  [email protected]
 Garston and Halewood  Anna Martin  
 Glasgow Central  Isabel Nelson  [email protected]
 Glenrothes  Rebecca Grint
 Grantham and Stamford  Anita Day  [email protected]
 Guildford  Zoe Franklin  [email protected]
 Hammersmith  Joyce Onstad  [email protected]
 Hampstead & Kilburn  Kirsty Allan  [email protected]
 Harrogate and Knaresborough  Helen Flynn  [email protected]
 Hazel Grove  Lisa Smart  
 Hemel Hempsted  Sally Symington  
 Hemsworth  Joan Mary Macqueen
 Henley  Laura Coyle  [email protected]
 Hereford and South Herefordshire  Lucy Hurds  [email protected]
 Hereforshire North  Jeanie Falconer  [email protected]
 Hexham  Fiona Hall  [email protected]
 Hornsey and Wood Green  Dawn Barnes  [email protected]
 Horsham  Morwen Millson  [email protected]
 Hove  Caroline Hynds  [email protected]
 Hull West and Hessle  Claire Thomas  
 Kensington  Annabel Mullin  [email protected]
 Kettering  Suzanna Austin  [email protected]
 Kilmarnock & loudon  Irene Lang  [email protected]
 Kingswood  Karen Wilkinson  
 Lewes  Kelly-Marie Blundell  [email protected]
 Lewisham East  Emily Frith
 Lincoln  Caroline Kenyon  [email protected]
 Linlithgow & Falkirk East  Sally Pattle
 Louth and Horncastle  Lisa Gabriel  [email protected]
 Ludlow  Heather Kidd  [email protected]
 Maidstone and Weald  Emily Fermor  [email protected]
 Maldon  Zoe O'Connell  [email protected]
 Manchester Gorton  Jackie Pearcey
 Mansfield  Anita Prabhakar  [email protected]
 Mid Bedfordshire  Lisa French
 Mid Dorset and North Poole  Vikki Slade  
 Mid Norfolk  Fionna Tod  
 Mid Sussex  Sarah Osborne   [email protected]
 Mid Worcestershire  Margaret Rowley  [email protected]
 Milton Keynes North  Imogen Shepherd-Dubey  
 Mitcham & Morden  Claire Mathys
 Monmouth  Veronica German  [email protected]
 Montgomeryshire  Jane Dodds  [email protected]
 Motherwell & Wishaw  Yvonne Finlayson  [email protected]
 Newbury  Judith Bunting  [email protected]
 Newcastle East  Wendy Taylor  
 Newcastle Upon Tyne North  Anita Lower
 Newport West  Sarah Lockyer  [email protected]
 Newton Abbott  Marie Jenkins
 North East FIfe  Elizabeth Riches
 North East Hertfordshire  Nicole Shepard  
 North East Somerset  Manda Rigby
 North Herefordshire  Jeannie Matthew Falconer
 North Swindon  Elizabeth Webster  
 North West Cambridgeshire  Bridget Smith  
 Northampton South  Jill Hope  [email protected]
 Oxford East  Kirsten Johnson  [email protected]
 Oxford West and Abingdon  Layla Moran  [email protected]
 Paisley and Renfrewshire  Eileen Mccartin  [email protected]
 Pennistone and Stockbridge  Penny Baker  [email protected]
 Peterborough  Rebeka Sellick  
 Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport  Henrietta Bewley  [email protected]
 Poplar and Limehouse  Elaine Bagshaw  [email protected]
 Reading East  Jenny Woods  
 Reading West  Meri O'Connell  [email protected]
 Redditch  Susan Juned  [email protected]
 Reigate  Anna Tarrant  
 Rhondda  Karen Roberts  [email protected]
 Richmond Park  Sarah Olney  [email protected]
 Romsey and Southampton North  Catherine Royce  [email protected]
 Ross, Skye and Lochaber  Jean Davis   [email protected]
 Rother Valley  Katie Pruszynski  [email protected]
 Rushcliffe  Jayne Phoenix  [email protected]
 Sherwood  Rebecca Thomas  
 Shipley  Caroline Jones  [email protected]
 Shrewsbury and Atcham  Hannah Fraser  [email protected]
 South Cambridgeshire  Susan Van De Ven  
 South Derbyshire  Lorraine Johnson  [email protected]
 South East Cambridgeshire  Lucy Nethsingha  [email protected] 
 South Holland and the Deepings  Julia Cambridge  [email protected]
 South Norfolk  Jacqueline Howe
 South Shields  Gitanjali Gordon  [email protected]
 South Staffordshire  Hilary Myers  [email protected]
 South West Devon  Caroline Voaden  
 Southampton Itchen  Eleanor Bell  [email protected]
 Southend West  Lucy V Salek  
 Southport  Sue McGuire  [email protected]
 Spelthorne  Rosie Shimell  
 St Albans  Daisy Cooper  [email protected]
 Stevenage  Barbara Gibson  [email protected]
 Stirling  Wendy Chamberlain  [email protected]
 Stockton North  Sarah Brown  [email protected]
 Stratford on Avon  Elizabeth Adams  [email protected]
 Stretford and Urmston  Anna Fryer  [email protected]
 Surrey Heath  Ann-Marie Barker  [email protected]
 Sutton and Cheam  Amna Ahmad  [email protected]
 Sutton Coldfield  Jenny Wilkinson  
 Tamworth  Jennifer Pinkett  [email protected]
 Telford  Susan King  
 Tewkesbury  Caitriona Clucas  [email protected]
 Thirsk and Malton  Dinah Keal  [email protected]
 Thornbury and Yate  Claire Young  
 Tunbridge Wells  Rachel Sadler  [email protected]
 Uxbridge  Rosina Robson  [email protected] 
 Vale of Glamorgan  Jennifer Geroni  [email protected]
 Walsall North  Isabelle Parasram  [email protected]
 Walsall South  Anna Wellings Purvis  
 Wansbeck  Joan Tebbutt  
 Waveney  Jacqueline Howe
 Wells  Tessa Munt
 Wentworth & Dearne  Janice Middleton   [email protected]
 West Bromwich East  Karen Trench
 West Bromwich West  Flo Clucas  [email protected] 
 West Dunbartonshire  Rebecca Plenderleith  [email protected]
 West Lancashire  Joanne Barton  [email protected]
 West Suffolk  Elfreda Tealby-Watson  
 Winchester  Jackie Porter  [email protected]
 Witham  Josephine Hayes  [email protected]
 Witney  Liz Leffman
 Wolverhampton South West  Sarah Quarmby  [email protected]
 Worsley and Eccles  Kate Clarkson  [email protected]
 Worthing West  Hazel Thorpe  
 Wrexham  Carole O'Toole  [email protected]
 Yeovil  Joanna Roundell-Greene  [email protected]
 Ynys Môn  Sarah Jackson  [email protected]

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