Improvements to data collection

Collecting Data to make Society Safer

As Lib Dems we are naturally cautious about the amount of data officials collect about us and how this data is used.  A recent publication by the European Institute for Gender Equality has highlighted that the paucity of data collection in some areas is leading to worse outcomes for people in violent intimate partner relationships.  Our lack of data means we are unable as a society to really look at trends and causes in a proactive way thus limiting both protective meansures and inteventions. 

Recommendations to improve data collection on intimate partner violence by the police and justice sectors: United Kingdom

The recommendations in the report were developed after an in-depth analysis of data collection from the police and justice sectors. They aim to improve administrative data collection on intimate partner violence to better inform policies and to help the Member States meet the monitoring requirements outlined in both Directive 2012/29/EU (the Victims’ Rights Directive) and the Istanbul Convention.  The report can be downloaded from


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