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The aim of Liberal Democrat Women is to increase the representation of women in every aspect of life.


Women account for over half of the UK population, and yet they make up just 22% of our parliament. The gender balance in UK Parliament and in our own party is far from representative and we hope you will join us in our effort to change this.

In order to further the aims and expectations of LDW and the wider party we offer four main sub groups, focused on tackling issues in their respective areas as well as seeing to the effective functioning of LDW. Members have the opportunity to join us in our campaign for a fairer society through our sub groups (listed below). Members can also network and help spread the word about the issue of gender representation facing all of us.

Women's Representation (Campaign for Gender Balance) - We inspire, support and train women interested in standing for public office and for other senior positions within the Liberal Democrat Party.

Policy - We help inform and shape Liberal Democrat policy by submitting motions for debate at conference, and contributing to Party ‘working groups’ and key Party committees.

Fundraising and Networking - We are a self-funding organisation and depend upon individual LDW members’ subscriptions and our own fundraising efforts.  Our membership is country-wide, and we organise and support regular networking events including Party conferences.  We also engage with international women’s groups.

Campaigns and Communications - We endeavour to communicate what we are doing to our members, the wider Party, interested stakeholders and the wider public.  We campaign mostly for greater female representation and many issues that our members and everyone in the wider Party membership care about.  Our main campaign now is to ensure women are at the heart of the fightback!


If you like to become a part of any or all the sub groups listed above, send us an email: [email protected].


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