Brexit: its effect on women

Brexit: its effect on Women


Ever since the fateful result was announced the Lib Dems, NGOs, charities and thinktanks have been advising that some groups are going to come off disproportionately worse if we should leave the EU irrelevant of the deal struck.  It has now become increasingly clear it is an ever-shrinking privileged minority that might benefit.

The Equality and Diversity forum have gathered together thoughts and research from a wide range of organisations to highlight just how badly women fair in the Brexit process and beyond. Much of the research gathered looks at intersections of race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and gender - the culminative disadvantages of which seems to be missing from many of the governmental discussions.

Improvements to data collection

Collecting Data to make Society Safer

As Lib Dems we are naturally cautious about the amount of data officials collect about us and how this data is used.  A recent publication by the European Institute for Gender Equality has highlighted that the paucity of data collection in some areas is leading to worse outcomes for people in violent intimate partner relationships.  Our lack of data means we are unable as a society to really look at trends and causes in a proactive way thus limiting both protective meansures and inteventions. 

Recommendations to improve data collection on intimate partner violence by the police and justice sectors: United Kingdom

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97000 People per year

97000 People Per Year

Throughout the 16 days of activism we are highlighting differant aspects of gender based violence across differant media hoping to raise issues with the largest possible audience. 

Yesterday Lib dem Voice published the article 97,000 People per year.  The aim of the article is to personalize one of the 'most serious and damaging crimes in our society,’ in doing so giving a small insight into how this truly is a crime of power in every sense.

Much of the detail around these crimes remains shrouded in mystery as a sort of collective secret held by those who have gone through the system too terrifying to share. 


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16 Days of Activism - an end to Gender Based Violence

16 Days of Activism

Each year since 1991 the 25th November has marked the start of 16 days of worldwide activism to end gender based violence.  This year the theme is gender based violence at work - the revelations this year about how widespread sexual assault and un-wanted sexual advances are within politics and how legislation aids at times in legitimising rather than preventing domestic violence makes this years theme more relevant than ever.

From now until the 10th December (International Human rights day) we will be highlighting some of the issues, statististics and things that you can do to draw awareness so please keep checking in.

As orange is the official colour for raising awareness during this time you may see some of our blog posts in orange, this will also help you to pick off which ones relate to '16 day of activism'

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Real Living Wage

Real’ Living Wage increases by 2.9% outside London

For some of the lowest earners in the UK todays news brought about a much needed pay rise.  Whilst the Government set levels for minimum wage remain low the voluntary National living Wage organisation rates are now 10.55p per hour (in London) for the first time. 

Disproportionately women make up nearly 2/3rds of low paid workers in the UK based on the research by KPMG in 2017, commenting on this Living Wage Foundation Director, Katherine Chapman said:

“These figures show that more can be done to reduce the 3.4 million working women earning less than the real Living Wage across the UK. Women make up nearly two thirds of the 5.5 million people in low paid roles, who are feeling the squeeze as inflation rises".

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Sexual Harassment of Women and Girls in Public Spaces

Women and Equalities Committee Report

On October 23rd following months of dedicated research and questioning the Women and Equalities Comittee  published its' research report  'Sexual Harassment of Women and Girls in Public Places'.  

Flo Clucas Chair of LDW wrote the following piece for Lib Dem Voice either click on the link below to read it in full with comments or go to show more to bring up the excellent article wording without comments.

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A Skilled GirlForce

"On this International Day of the Girl, let us recommit to supporting every girl to develop her skills, enter the workforce on equal terms and reach her full potential." — UN Secretary-General António Guterres


Each year since 2012 October the 11th has been a day where we look to empower girls whilst highlighting the unique challenges that they face.


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When disability makes a difference

Only 19% of women with learning disabilities have had a recent cervical screening, compared to 73% of the general population

A recent article in Stylist explores some of the issues

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Brighton Conference 2018

The 2018 autumn conference directory is now out and looking busier than ever.  Please download your copy here  

We would love to see you; at our stall, enjoying one of our fringe events, voting on our motion, discovering future LDW plans at our AGM, participating at training or drinking cocktails with other Lib Dem Women.  Please read on to find out more

LDW Stand Autum 2017

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UK Processions celebrating right to vote

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