Winning Women: Jane Brophy

Cllr Jane Brophy is an experienced local campaigner in Timperley and across Altrincham and Sale. She has served as a Trafford Councillor for sixteen years, in Village Ward for eight years and Timperley ward since 2008. She is currently The Woodland Trust Councillor Tree Champion as part of a pilot initiative to protect, restore and create woodlands across the country.

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Why did you join the Lib Dems?
"I joined the Lib Dems as a young person because I wanted to get involved in campaigns that made a difference. I was interested in the environment, health, animal protection, nuclear disarmament, inequality issues, civil liberties, alleviating global poverty and so many other issues that it made sense to join a political party rather than lots of individual pressure groups."
What advice would you give to someone considering standing for election?
"Put your name forward in the place where you really want to stand to represent an area that means something to you. Even if there is somebody else there at the time - let people know that it's what you want to do. Offer to help colleagues as much as possible and you will find that the favour will be returned many times over."
What’s been your proudest moment as a Lib Dem so far?
"Maintaining my position as an elected local Councillor in Trafford for over 16 years. I love representing the people of Timperley ward. I was proud to achieve a strong result in May 2016 with over 52% of the electorate voting for me. Also, I'm very proud and excited having recently been selected as the LibDem candidate for Greater Manchester mayor in May 2017."
The LibDems have a myriad of exceptional women, such as Jane Brophy. If you would like to be interviewed for the  Winning Women blog or would like to recommend another LibDem Women, do contact us on [email protected]

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