Witney by-election: LibDems slash Tory majority in David Cameron's former seat

Followed by an impassioned, rigorous and dedicated campaign, LibDems' Liz Leffman has leap-frogged over Labour and UKIP candidates into second place in the Witney by-election. This comes as a result of Liz's well-fought campaign against Tories in their 10th most secure seat. Together with her team and thousands of loyal LibDem Volunteers from across the country, Liz successfully managed a 19.3% swing from feeble Tory to pro-EU LibDem. This meant that 20 000 loyal Tory voters, had voted yellow as they felt their party had not done enough in the face of a post-Brexit era.  

The LibDems are now being deemed the official "protest party" in British politics as the increased vote-share is being attributed to lack of pro-EU support from other major parties. This can especially be seen in that the incumbent, Robert Courts, won fewer than half of the 35,201 votes chalked up by the former prime minister in last year’s general election. Moreover, Tories are down by 15.1%, and the LibDems up by 23.5%.


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